Ladies…Your Time is NOW!

Women are questioning their places in life more than ever, and there’s never been a better time to focus on yourself than RIGHT NOW. It is time to create the life you’ve always wanted. Our economy has brought us to our knees and we are ready to get back to the heart of what really matters in our lives. Are you ready to break through old limiting paradigms and present yourself as fully expressed in the world?

Buddha Beach

“You cannot be at Peace with what you have 

until you are at Peace with who you are.”

In the last decades, shrewd and savvy marketers have had you scratching, scraping, and fighting to be the best as the only way to show up in the world. Have you been comparing yourself to others as a way to measure your own success and lost your own authenticity in the process? If you didn’t feel you measured up…did you wear the appropriate mask that allowed you to fit in? Did you suffer in silence, over eat, drink too much, diet, join gym after gym after gym, overschedule yourself and your family, overspend in order to fill a void and still felt empty, alone, and unworthy?

Are you ready to Live Peacefully, Powerfully, and Authentically?

Meet Janet Ellis ~ Your Peaceful Living Coach When you look at her life today, you might not imagine that she has suffered devastating losses and illnesses, or that she came close to being homeless and bankrupt. That just 15 years ago she didn’t even recognize herself in the mirror. That she went through it all in the pursuit of a life she never even wanted. Through all of it, Janet always knew that every experience, good or bad, provided life lessons, and she used those experiences as learning tools to recreate her life. Now living a peaceful, prosperous, and authentic life, Janet wants to help you Create the Life Your Heart Desires!

Do one or more of these statements resonate with you?

I know there must be more to life than what I am experiencing.
I always feel stressed and anxious.
I feel spiritually depleted.
I am so bored with my life.
I want to have more time to pursue fun and interesting activities.
I want to discover my passion.
I wish I had more energy.
I want to stop constantly fight the battle of the bulge.
I am struggling to stay above water financially.
I worry that the choices I am making today will impact my lifestyle when I retire.
I want people to know and like me for who I really am.

Would you rather…

Feel confident, calm, and relaxed?
Make peace with getting healthy?
Reconnect to your spirit?
Have more time in your life for fun and adventure?
Enjoy rich and rewarding relationships?
Take control of your own prosperity?
Show up in the world, as fully completely authentically you?
Set an example for your family that is peaceful, yet powerful?
Create the Life Your Heart Desires?

In a Peaceful, yet Powerful Way Janet Will Guide You.

Whether you’re ready to finally find your passion, shed those extra pounds and finally get healthy, take control of your finances and your future, or become the peaceful parent you dream about, Janet’s gentle guidance will help you break through the barriers that are holding you back. You will learn how to be peacefully confident in the decisions you make, develop the ability to discern whether something is right for you or not, and to peacefully, but powerfully stand up for your self. And when you get off tract, you will have the strategies to quickly get back on.

Get Started with Janet Today!

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Janet’s simple and practical strategies will help you access and trust your intuition, gain confidence, act authentically, love and live more genuinely, ask for and receive what you want and need, and create the extraordinary life you always wanted. Janet has developed several individual and group programs to help you create the life your heart desires –From The Art of Peaceful Living to Making Peace With Getting Healthy, POP ~ Peace on Purpose Guided Meditation, Becoming Peacefully Prosperous, and coming soon, Peaceful Parenting, you will develop the mindset, gain the tools, and learn strategies that will help you live peacefully, passionately, and prosperously.

And her mentoring programs are unrivaled. While you’re here, why not become a member of Janet’s new Peaceful Living Circle for only $9.98 a month? Beginning in May 2016, not only will you enjoy monthly phone calls with Janet featuring tips, tools, and strategies that will help you live the life your heart desires, but you also receive all call recordings, early event invitations, and some special surprises. It’s a great way to get started with a super low investment. Drop us an email at plc@inherpeace.com to get on the list.

In a Peaceful, yet Powerful way, Janet helps you break through the barriers that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams.