Quote Janet

“The greatest discovery you will have in your life, is when you find your self.” ~ Blessings, Janet ♥

“Do you remember that you once loved yourself? Do you need to remember that again? Do you need to let go of things that made you fall out of love with your self? It is only when you are truly, deeply, madly in love with you that you can experience the same with another. It is not selfish…it is essential.” ~Blessings, Janet ♥

“You can focus on the pain…..OR you can focus on the LOVE. You get to choose.” ~Blessings, Janet ♥

“What this means to me, for each of us, is that we are Miracle Workers and we get to choose how many miracles we want to perform every…single…day. How cool is that? BIG LOVE” ~ Blessings, Janet ♥

“Healthy support systems such as positive friendships, healthy family relationships, fulfilling work, a cause that you are committed to, and hobbies that you enjoy all help you enjoy a peaceful and contented life.” ~Blessings, Janet ♥

“You will never be at peace if you settle for living a life that is less than what you deserve. There is peace in continually challenging yourself. There is peace in compassionately standing up for your self. There is peace in speaking your truth.” ~Blessings, Janet ♥

“Love and laugh…trust that as you take your next right steps, all is working for your highest good…Love, Laugh, and bring your joy out into the world.” ~Blessings, Janet ♥

“Love always…in all~ways.” ~Blessings, Janet ♥

“You were born on purpose, with a purpose. You possess the greatest of gifts that guarantee you will be successful. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to seek it out and work towards it. It simply means you can quit worrying about failure. If you follow your inner guidance, you will achieve everything you are here to do.” ~Blessings, Janet ♥

“When you have an important decision to make, sit in silent expectancy. Know that as you intend, that as you surrender to the silence, that as you seek within; you open the golden gate of access to your infinite well of wisdom. There…there is where you easily, and effortlessly find your answers. Be still and know.” ~Blessings, Janet ♥

“Love, beauty, peace, joy are all at the center of who you are. Have you met you?” ~Blessings, Janet ♥

“Being afraid to show the world that we are not perfect sets us all up for a life of fear. Embracing every part of you is the most loving act you can bestow on the world around you. It gives the people in your life permission to be who they really are. It sets us all free.” ~Blessings, Janet ♥

“Enjoy the freedom of healing. Soar to new heights. Bring peace to the world around you. Love yourself first, so that you can love others. When you love yourself, you are giving others the opportunity to learn from you what that looks like, and then they can make a choice to heal their own wounds, to love themselves, to love the world around them.” ~Blessings, Janet ♥

“There is ALWAYS a way. Give yourself permission to stop wanting and to start doing something that lights your fire every…single…day.” ~Blessings, Janet ♥

“You can be afraid…and brave at the same time. Do what you know in your heart you want to do.” ~Blessings, Janet ♥

“I was just thinking that if I was to recall everything that I am grateful for, I would spend all of my time being grateful, and that is the most amazing feeling.” ~Blessings, Janet ♥

“Peace…It does not come to you…You choose it.” ~Blessings, Janet ♥