Create a Simply Beautiful Life Workshop Series

Whether you participate in the vision board workshop or not, this series will provide ongoing support for goals you have set, or support you as you define changes you want to make in your life. In an intimate group setting you will:

  • Get clear about the next right steps you want to take in your life
  • Define your challenges and develop tools and strategies to overcome them
  • Make a commitment to your vision.
  • Take action for creating your Simply Beautiful Life.
  • Celebrate the life you are creating.

With positive encouragement and feedback, you will gain confidence and courage as you become more and more at ease with stepping outside of your comfort zone and begin to experience your life in a beautiful new way.

The next series begins on Wednesday evening, October 7, 2015.

Group size is limited to 8 participants.

If you have questions regarding this series or would like to add your name to the wait list, please email janet at