Break Time ~ Rest, Refresh, Reflect

So I’ve been burning the candle at both ends keeping all of the balls in the air. While it has been productive activity, incredibly rewarding, and so much fun, it has come at the expense of myself care, and now I’m beginning to feel it. You know it, aches and pains, fatigue, low energy. We’ve been informed that these […]

You can be unstoppable

I learned that this was true when I was a child with asthma. It was instinct to slow down, put my attention on my body, allow myself to relax, and draw in the breath that seemed to come through tightly constricted bronchial tubes. It wasn’t until decades later that I realized what I was able […]

Blissful Holiday Gratitude ~ Our cups runneth over

  Sitting here Sunday morning, I am in complete gratitude for the out pouring of support from our friends, families, and community at our Holiday Shopping Blitz and Open House at Bloom Studios yesterday morning. If yesterday’s experience is any indication of what Bloom Studios will become to the community, I will be pinching myself […]