Sweet Dreams

Creative visualization can help calm you and ready your mind, body and spirit for a restful sleep. On the rare occasion when my mind is chattering at bedtime, I just bring this beautiful scene to mind and place myself at the top of the bluff overlooking the ocean. Works every time 🙂

Bust through the fear

Do you remember when you were not afraid? Not afraid of failing? Not afraid of rejection? Not afraid of being laughed at, or thought a fool? Do you remember trying new things, just because you were curious? It didn’t matter whether or not it came out perfect, because your curiosity was satisfied and you learned […]

Imagine it ~ Feel it ~ Do it

Do you ever feel like quitting a task because it seems overwhelming? Do you have unfinished art projects, papers that need to be filed, self care that needs to be attended to? Are you unemployed and find job hunting overwhelming? Do you want to lose weight, but the prospect of watching what you eat and […]

Keeping Romance Alive ~ Date Night

Obstacles ~ Go around, under, over…just keep moving

‎“Obstacles are opportunities to express creativity.” ~ I’m sure someone thought of this before me 🙂 Oh my goodness! This picture reminds me of the sheep that spread across the road up in Window Rock, AZ as we were on our way to Durango for our vacation. We didn’t have to get too creative to […]