Break Time ~ Rest, Refresh, Reflect

So I’ve been burning the candle at both ends keeping all of the balls in the air. While it has been productive activity, incredibly rewarding, and so much fun, it has come at the expense of myself care, and now I’m beginning to feel it. You know it, aches and pains, fatigue, low energy. We’ve been informed that these […]

Stop Chasing…Love the Ones You’re With

  Stop chasing, and start cultivating. I don’t usually write about business, but I felt like this particular topic applies to all relationships. As an entrepreneur I hear a lot of my colleagues noting that they can’t find their “ideal” client. It was one of the topics of a recent event we hosted in our […]

Enjoy Your Life Right Now!

You’re probably working really hard every day at either making a living, or at achieving your dreams. All I really want to say about this today, is to not lose sight that every single day of your life could be, and should be savored. You don’t have to wait until you’re debt free or until […]

Create a Morning Routine You Will Love Getting Up To

  Fall truly is in the air….at least in the early morning hours. I always look forward to finally being able to enjoy breakfast out on the patio with the flurry of hummingbirds coming by for a sip of sweet nectar. It is the time of day I am most grateful for. Morning holds all […]

{Whimsical Wednesday} ~ Add a little splash to your days

  I love the thought of having at least one day a week when we just do something fanciful and fun, more often if we can… After my coaching sessions this morning, I’m making and baking some fabulous and whimsical mini desserts for a holiday gathering tomorrow. Some might argue that making and baking are […]