{Guided Meditation} Tuesday – June 21st – 7-8pm

Hmmm, I was a little hesitant to put this one “out there.” Partially because it really is a bold statement about just how much power we hold in our own beings by the small choices that we make each moment of each day; and partially because I don’t want to scare anyone off of their path. […]

Peace begins before breakfast

Like many people I have a morning routine that keeps me organized and living on purpose. Waking up, stretching, teeth brushing, etc. My morning routine also includes prayer, meditation, checking in on my mom, breakfast, showering, social media, etc. This morning was not much different except that a particular facebook post caught my attention, tugged at […]

We’ve Only Just Begun

How are you feeling as we near the end of January? Do you feel like you still have momentum, and are on track with your goals for 2016? Did you take time out to evaluate your life, your happiness, your health, your environment, your work; any or all aspects of your life? Are you filled […]

Create a Morning Routine You Will Love Getting Up To

  Fall truly is in the air….at least in the early morning hours. I always look forward to finally being able to enjoy breakfast out on the patio with the flurry of hummingbirds coming by for a sip of sweet nectar. It is the time of day I am most grateful for. Morning holds all […]

{On My Reading Table} Altared Space by Nicholas Cappele

Loving a good play on words, Nicholas Cappele’s fabulous book, Altared Space caught my eye right away. Change or transformation comes to mind when we think about altering something. In this case, Nicholas’ intention is to help us “alter” our lives in a positive and harmonious way by showing us how to create a place […]