Stop Chasing…Love the Ones You’re With

  Stop chasing, and start cultivating. I don’t usually write about business, but I felt like this particular topic applies to all relationships. As an entrepreneur I hear a lot of my colleagues noting that they can’t find their “ideal” client. It was one of the topics of a recent event we hosted in our […]

Lift as you climb, but don’t get crushed

A remarkable woman, Maya Angelou blazed a path for women to follow. Her wise words guide so many of us who choose to listen and to learn. Ms. Angelou was a great poet, an articulate and strong orator, an empathic yet firm and honest mentor to many people. Just a couple of years before her […]

Announcing: Alis Living ~ She Flies With Her Own Wings

Four years ago Shauna Kupetz brought a dream alive in this sweet early 1900s bungalow house in Old Town Scottsdale. JAM, so named after her beloved brothers, Jonathon and Max, became known by Sunset Magazine, as well as by the entire community, as “the coolest community center in town.” While Shauna credits much of the […]

{Inspiration} Learn~Serve~Love~Be Happy

Why am I  here? This is the million dollar, age old question, that, at some point in our lives we all ask. We each have an innate inner knowing that we are “here,” “alive,” “on this planet,” for some reason other than to work, breed, and die. I had asked that question many times in […]

Following Her Dream