It’s Your Life…YOURS!

And don’t let anybody tell you differently. Martha Beck is speaking my language in a very BIG way these days. Here’s the latest: “I’ll tell you what it’s time to do right now. It’s time to set your schedule in order so that you don’t look back on the day of your death and wonder […]

We’ve Only Just Begun

How are you feeling as we near the end of January? Do you feel like you still have momentum, and are on track with your goals for 2016? Did you take time out to evaluate your life, your happiness, your health, your environment, your work; any or all aspects of your life? Are you filled […]

Is Coaching With Janet Right for You?

So you’ve decided that 2016 is THE YEAR you create the life your heart desires. And now you are exploring the idea of working with a coach and you want to find out if Janet is the right coach for you. The short answer is: I don’t know. A good life coach walks her talk, […]

{On My Reading Table} Altared Space by Nicholas Cappele

Loving a good play on words, Nicholas Cappele’s fabulous book, Altared Space caught my eye right away. Change or transformation comes to mind when we think about altering something. In this case, Nicholas’ intention is to help us “alter” our lives in a positive and harmonious way by showing us how to create a place […]

Lift as you climb, but don’t get crushed

A remarkable woman, Maya Angelou blazed a path for women to follow. Her wise words guide so many of us who choose to listen and to learn. Ms. Angelou was a great poet, an articulate and strong orator, an empathic yet firm and honest mentor to many people. Just a couple of years before her […]