Break Time ~ Rest, Refresh, Reflect

So I’ve been burning the candle at both ends keeping all of the balls in the air. While it has been productive activity, incredibly rewarding, and so much fun, it has come at the expense of myself care, and now I’m beginning to feel it. You know it, aches and pains, fatigue, low energy. We’ve been informed that these […]

When Life Hands You Lemons…

We like to keep things real on the home front here at Casa de Paison (otherwise known as our house), and having dogs who bring lemons in from the back yard, play soccer with them on the carpet, break them open and eat them on the bed is just one of those “real” things that […]

Need Answers? Go within and ask yourself

Meditation helps you gain insight into your powerful self. You develop confidence in your inner knowing that gives you courage to trust yourself, to follow your gut. When your actions come as a result of paying attention to your wise self, your outcomes reflect your choices. What important choices require your attention this week? Spend […]

{Two Minute Meditation} Detoxing and Gaining a Fresh Perspective

It is spring time here in the southwest, and our desert has exploded into a kaleidoscope of color. The familiar brown that carpets the desert floor during most of the year has been temporarily replaced with a blanket of wildflowers. Taking a moment to calm your body, calms your mind. Imagine that as you allow […]

Are you choosing Peace, or are you choosing anxiety?

Peace washed over me as I strolled along the beach a couple of weeks ago. Waves washing over my feet as the tide rolled in gave me a sense of belonging to that place, if just for an hour that day. Everyday drama seemed a world away on that California beach, and I felt like […]