{Guided Meditation} Tuesday – June 21st – 7-8pm

Hmmm, I was a little hesitant to put this one “out there.” Partially because it really is a bold statement about just how much power we hold in our own beings by the small choices that we make each moment of each day; and partially because I don’t want to scare anyone off of their path. […]

Stop Chasing…Love the Ones You’re With

  Stop chasing, and start cultivating. I don’t usually write about business, but I felt like this particular topic applies to all relationships. As an entrepreneur I hear a lot of my colleagues noting that they can’t find their “ideal” client. It was one of the topics of a recent event we hosted in our […]

Celebrate all of life

Two weeks ago my dad suddenly passed away. Last Friday, in a beautiful and holy service, we celebrated his life. I am so grateful for the internal work that I have done throughout the past few years, for that work allowed me to truly be at peace, to respond in love and gratitude, to capture […]

{Reflecting} I remember…

I remember: The horror of that day as I stood in front of the television and watched the second plane hit. I remember seeing one tower…and then the second tower fall. I remember the sadness of the day we, as a world were forever changed. I remember: The days following. The days when we came […]

Memories ~ The time of your life

“I’d rather have a moment of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.” ~ Steel Magnolias Whir…whir…whir…whir…Does your mind ever make that sound? Mine does and it was doing it one morning a few months ago and I thought I would share it with you today. It is amazing that I could even hear it […]