Stop Chasing…Love the Ones You’re With

  Stop chasing, and start cultivating. I don’t usually write about business, but I felt like this particular topic applies to all relationships. As an entrepreneur I hear a lot of my colleagues noting that they can’t find their “ideal” client. It was one of the topics of a recent event we hosted in our […]

Peace begins before breakfast

Like many people I have a morning routine that keeps me organized and living on purpose. Waking up, stretching, teeth brushing, etc. My morning routine also includes prayer, meditation, checking in on my mom, breakfast, showering, social media, etc. This morning was not much different except that a particular facebook post caught my attention, tugged at […]

Opportunity Cost ~ This Starbucks Cost Me What??????

During my nieces visit this weekend, I had the opportunity to talk about “Opportunity Costs.” My niece was purchasing a gift for a birthday party she was attending and the jersey she was looking at cost $60. Did I mention the birthday was for a 5 year old who would likely grow out of the […]

Thank You my New Friends

My husband sent me this photo from the courtyard at work yesterday. While temperatures here in the Valley of the Sun are not nearly as extreme as temperatures in so many areas of the country, it is cold for here. Chandler, AZ I’ve taken out my leather winter jacket, scarves, and gloves during the past […]

The Reason for the Season

Today I came across Meagan’s sweet blog Publix Coupon Queen. It is Meagan’s generosity that makes her blog sweet. You see, she recognizes the challenges that people are facing in an uncertain economic climate and she is sharing an enormous amount of information on how to make the most of the money you have. She […]